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29 Jun 2010

31 July Wonder girl's - Sunway

For Wonderfuls in Malaysia, get ready this July for the Wonder Girls will be headed your way for a performance!

It was revealed on the 16th that the Wonder Girls will be performing at the Sunway Lagoon Resort on July 31st for the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia.

This will be the second year that this concert is being organized and the Wonder Girls are the first Korean artist to be invited.

Besides the Wonder Girls, other confirmed acts include Katy Perry, Tokio Hotel and Bunkface, and we expect more to be revealed in the coming days.

The 2 hours long concert expected to attract crowds of up to 15,000 will be edited into a 60 minute program for broadcast in 154 countries through MTV to 550 million viewers. Korea is expected to show the concert through MTV in September.

The Wonder Girls are currently in Singapore for Sony Ericsson promotions and a showcase which will happen on June 18th at Marina Bay Sands.
Wah korean artis skrg dh maju wok! dtg malaysia tuh!! pilihan Bijak!! ngee~ Mane xnyer.. bln Mac lalu Suju dh dtg. Awal June U-kiss dtg. baru2 ni lak Beast/B2st pon dtg.. now july 31 wonder girl lak dtg. wah2.. best nyer.. tp xpnh terpikir akn tgk dorg live.. waaaaaaa :(
Best wok! Best!!

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