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13 Disember 2011

Allison Harvard - ANTM

Allison Harvard ANTM the only girl that i have my eye on. To me she the most beautiful person even some of the people say she was -WEIRD- But she still beautiful with the awkwardness.

Nice dress that she have for the Final of America's Next Top Model 17 (All star).
She design her own dress for the Final, it look so good on her, and do look like my country dress.

The Final Covergirl Picture Of Allison, & twice she was Runner-up that so bad, because she taking a good picture & she was so good at singing to.

Teyona ANTM 12 & Lisa ANTM 5 (Original) & 17 (All Star) was beat Allison, And it really not good! Allison still a winner to me!

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