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13 Disember 2011

Pertanyaan!! Pertanyaan!!!

-Salam 1 Malaysia & 1 World Update-

I just want to ask all of you what should I update on my Blog to make everyone feel welcome.? What do I need to make it..? What should I update about..? Did I should update about the issue about Political, Sex, Sexy Boy/Girl, How to use Condom..? Oh my!! I don't think so.. Or I just update about what I think the best for my Blog..? hm~ weird!!

Okay that's not working right..? So what should I do..? Take a good life of people and make it story..? Take picture about people kissing down the street and tell in my Blog..? Or take a picture like a "spy" when people do something..? like sex on the street, behind the wall, at the parking lot, or at the stairs..? weird!!

Just asking you for help!! nothing more & nothing less than that! Thank for read this. Lets have some fun Blog to read!! yeh!!

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