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21 April 2011

Memory = Heart + Pendrive

Akz Muaz say : Just a few weeks a go.. This thing was happen.. I try to transfer my picture from handphone to my pendrive.. Then what happen is, the pendrive was stuck and can't be use..

Then the format information was appear on the screen its say "Do you wan't to change the format? YES & NO..?" so I click NO about 3 times.. but then it appear the same thing..

After try about 3 times click NO.. I try to click YES suddenly all the memory in the pendrive was totally DISAPPEAR..! Its so bad, because there are some stuff that i use for my study.. Oh my, I totally can't think at that time.. Another thing was in there was a picture of me & my friends..

Beside then me & my friends picture.. I was saving a picture of E.. But the memory was disappear now.. maybe it was the right time to make my mind disappear about E... Now i will live happily ever after.. I will make my mind memory lost about YOU E...

I'm so sorry, Goodbye..

2 ulasan:

  1. hoii truskn idop!!! yg lmer jgn dkenang...rmai lg aweks kt luar 2...:PPP

  2. Black cat.. btul tuh... skrg ni dah delete dh all memory lama tuh.. btw thnks sbb sudi baca..